Pillar and Bulwark of The Truth: The History of Authority (2009 Deep In History Conference Talks on Flashdrive)


Full Set of 12 MP3s on a Flashdrive


  • “The Verse I Never Saw” – Marcus Grodi
  • “The Issue of Authority in Early Christianity” – Dr. Kenneth Howell
  • “Peter and the Keys” – Steve Ray
  • “Jewish Roots of the Papacy” – Dr. Brant Pitre
  • “Authority Through the Trinity” – Msgr. Frank Lane
  • “Spiritual Authority – Who Needs It?” – Dr. Paul Thigpen
  • “The Issue of Authority in the Protestant and Catholic Reformation” – Dr. Kenneth Howell
  • “What Connects Nicaea and Vatican II: Ecumenical Councils and the Magisterium” – Archbishop Michael Sheehan
  • “Understanding Our Father: The Power of Prayer and the Eucharist” – Dr. Scott Hahn
  • “Cardinal Newman: So Great a Remedy for So Great an Evil” – Fr. Ray Ryland
  • 2009 Panel Discussion
  • 2009 Homilies

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