Sacred Scripture: How Firm A Foundation (2010 Deep In History Conference Talks on Flashdrive)


Full Set of 12 MP3s on a Flashdrive


  • “All Scripture Is Inspired” – Marcus Grodi
  • “The Logos in the Mouth of the Church: Origin & Authority of Sacred Scriptures” – Msgr. Frank Lane
  • “The Wisdom of St. Augustine on Science & Genesis” – Dr. Kenneth Howell
  • “Critical Methods of Scriptures: What Are They & How Are They Used?” – Fr. Mitch Pacwa
  • “The Fathers Know Best: A Look at the Relationship Between Scripture & Tradition in the Early Church” – Patrick Madrid
  • “Tales of Thomas, Judas, & the Magdalene: The Fourfold Gospel & the False Gospels” – Dr. Paul Thigpen
  • “Ice – Water – Steam: Catholics Are Not Called to be the Frozen Chosen” – Richard Lane
  • “The Sacramental Authority of Scripture” – Dr. Scott Hahn
  • “Christ in the Fullness of His Word” – Bruce Sullivan
  • “The Authority of Scripture in Marriage & Family Life” – Kimberly Hahn
  • 2010 Panel Discussion
  • 2010 Homilies and Adoration

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