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What explains the conversion of evangelical ministers to the Catholic Church? There are multiple examples. This book points out that Protestantism is pastor-centric, while apostolic Christianity is Eucharist-centric. The center of the former is a pastor and a sermon, while the center of the latter is the Real Presence of Christ.

  • Which Protestant churches today can trace an unbroken line of apostolic succession directly back to the apostles and, therefore, to Christ Himself?
  • How can disunity and division continue to multiply within Protestantism, when each denomination claims to be led by the Holy Spirit and follow the Bible alone as their sole authority?
  • How can we explain more than 30,000 different Protestant denominations when our Lord established one Church, promised it would never fail, and prayed for the unity of all Christians?

The great theologian and convert John Henry Newman is crystal clear: “to be deep in history, is to cease to be Protestant.”

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