Grace and Justification: An Evangelical’s Guide to Catholic Beliefs


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Does the Catholic Church teach that justification is by grace?

For 500 years the answer to this question has divided Protestants and Catholics.Many Evangelicals and, surprisingly, most Catholics believe that the Catholic Church teaches justification by unaided human works.

Isn’t it past time that both Evangelicals and Catholics investigate whether or not this 500-year-old answer is true?

Steve Wood presents a unique ecumenical perspective on several of the contentious doctrines relating to justification (such as works, merit, & infusion) by viewing them through the lens of our adoption by God the Father. He also encourages a simple, yet profound, way to grasp the priority of grace taught throughout the Catechism of the Catholic Church that many unfortunately miss.

Readers will learn:

  • The seven main points of difference between Protestants and Catholics on justification listed in an easy-to-understand one-page summary
  • Why it’s so easy for Protestants and Catholics to misunderstand each other
  • An amazing view of grace in light of this year’s 500th anniversary of the Reformation
  • The surprising way Catholics interpret Romans and Galatians
  • What is the New Perspective on St. Paul and how this teaching is transforming beliefs on justification
  • How many media reports on recent ecumenical documents on justification are misleading
  • How C.S. Lewis uncovered an often ignored aspect of salvation by grace


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