How Firm A Foundation: The Authenticity of the Sacred Scriptures (2010 Deep In History Conference Talks)


Jesus said, “if anyone loves me, he will keep my word.” (Jn 14:23). Christians have always venerated the Scriptures as the word of God but not all Christians agree on the meaning of Scripture. Two noticeable trends show themselves in the history of Christianity: discontinuity and continuity. Discontinuity seeks to know the meaning of Scripture freshly in every generation with little or no reliance on how Christians read the Scriptures before. Continuity seeks consciously to read, mark, and live the Scriptures in accord with all those faithful who have gone before us. Both these tendencies have dramatic consequences for living together in the church.


  • “All Scripture Is Inspired” – Marcus Grodi
  • “The Logos in the Mouth of the Church: Origin & Authority of Sacred Scriptures” – Msgr. Frank Lane
  • “The Wisdom of St. Augustine on Science & Genesis” – Dr. Kenneth Howell
  • “Critical Methods of Scriptures: What Are They & How Are They Used?” – Fr. Mitch Pacwa
  • “The Fathers Know Best: A Look at the Relationship Between Scripture & Tradition in the Early Church” – Patrick Madrid
  • “Tales of Thomas, Judas, & the Magdalene: The Fourfold Gospel & the False Gospels” – Dr. Paul Thigpen
  • “Ice – Water – Steam: Catholics Are Not Called to be the Frozen Chosen” – Richard Lane
  • “The Sacramental Authority of Scripture” – Dr. Scott Hahn
  • “Free From All Error: The Church’s Teaching on the Inerrancy of Scripture” – Bruce Sullivan
  • “The Authority of Scripture in Marriage & Family Life” – Kimberly Hahn
  • 2010 Panel Discussion
  • 2010 Homilies and Adoration


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