Journeys Home 2


Journeys Home 2 gathers together more conversion stories of men and women, clergy and laity, who found themselves drawn to the Catholic Church.


Most of the converts in this book discovered and placed their faith in Jesus Christ in non-Catholic traditions of Christianity. They remain eternally grateful to the many faithful teachers, friends, and family who helped them know Christ and grow in the Christian faith. Yet in each case and in unique ways, the Holy Spirit opened their hearts to realize that much of what they had been taught about the Catholic Church was never true. They learned to listen to the voice of truth speaking through history, theology, philosophy, Sacred Tradition, Holy Scripture, and personal testimony. In time, their desire to follow Christ faithfully – to remain faithful to the truth He taught and to the Church He established through His Apostles – led them to consider the claims of the Catholic Church. In the end, they were all convinced that, whatever the cost, they must become Catholic. And so they did.

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