Stand Firm on Tradition (2011 Deep In History Conference Talks)



  • “The Tradition I Never Saw” – Marcus Grodi
  • “By What Authority? An Evangelical Discovers Sacred Tradition” – Mark Shea
  • “The Confirmation of Jesus as the Messiah in Jewish Tradition” – Roy Schoeman
  • “The Holy Spirit as Living Tradition” – Dr. Scott Hahn
  • “You Have Received Gold, So Pass It On: Sacred Tradition in the Life of the Early Church” – Dr. Paul Thigpen
  • “Authority as Gift: Scripture, Tradition, and Reason in the Writings of St. Thomas Aquinas” – Dr. Theresa Farnan
  • “The Protestant Reformation and the Catholic Reformation: Sacred Tradition Challenged and Defined” – Dr. Kenneth Howell
  • “Reconstructionism and the Eastern Churches” – Fr. Ray Ryland
  • “Dei Verbum and the Experience of the Church Through the Ages” – Msgr. Frank Lane
  • Closing Question and Answer Session
  • Panel Discussion
  • Homilies and Adoration

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