The English Reformation (2006 Deep In History Conference Talks)


When Henry VIII broke from the Papacy and the Catholic Church in 1531, he proclaimed himself head of the Church of England and the vast majority of English bishops acceded to his action. The break with Rome among the English was almost unique among the Protestants in having a wide range of theologies and worship styles within one church but the rise of anti-Catholicism grew over the decades and reached an apex in Elizabeth’s reign. Through the centuries Catholic and Protestant elements vied for preeminence within the Anglican Church and left a lasting mark on England and all the countries influenced by it. Still, the same issues dividing the Anglican and Roman Catholic communions live on today.


  • “A Look at the English Reformation” – Marcus Grodi
  • “History of the Church of England Before Reformation” – Dwight Longenecker
  • “The Schism: Influences from Henry VIII to Elizabeth” – Msgr. Frank Lane
  • “The Attempted Return: Mary Tudor” – Joanna Bogle
  • “Shakespeare and the Catholic Recusants of the English Reformation” – Joseph Pearce
  • “Martyrs” – Dr. Paul Thigpen
  • “The Defenders of the Faith: More and Fisher” – Dr. Scott Hahn
  • “English Counter Reformation” – Fr. Charles Connor
  • “The Aftermath” – Joanna Bogle
  • “A Convert Looks Back at the Church of England” – Fr. Ray Ryland
  • “Henry VIII” – Marcus Grodi
  • Panel Discussion (available in CD and MP3 formats only)
  • Homilies

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